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The Payable Platform

We unify your payment operations into one platform - bringing together Cash Management, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Here are some key concepts before you get into our docs:

  • Organisation: This is your overarching company account.
  • Entities: These are representations of the different bodies within your business, this could be legal entities in different geographies or representations of how you are licensed across different products. You can set up many entities per organisation. Users can have access to one or many entities.
  • Data Sources: Connect your corporate bank accounts (no more EBICS or SFTP), and other payment providers to track balances and pull transaction data in one interface.
  • Accounts: Transaction data is stored against accounts. There are a number of different types of accounts to easily track money movement. Clients are your customers, Vendors are your suppliers and Categories represent your Chart of Accounts.
  • Reconciliation Track client funds and run reports to understand any discrepancies across all your data sources. Have confidence that you have reconciled everything, whether it's a bank transfer or from a payments provider.
  • Automate Bank Transfers: Initiate payments for both direct debit collections and payouts in a single API and a dashboard.
  • Workflows: These are predefined processes that allow you to enforce the required compliance controls in place when sending payments.

Data Sources

Payable supports different methods to pull and push banking and payments data through a single API:

  • Integrations: Connect to accounting or ERP software, for end-to-end tracking of customers, vendors and your chart of accounts
  • Bank data: This can be pulled in a variety of ways:
    • Direct Bank Integration: Connect to your corporate account using treasury or bank files such as EBICs, Host2Host or SFTP - This supports both writing (initiating payments) and reading (balances and transactions) data
    • Open Banking: Add many businesses or corporate bank accounts across the UK and Europe. This supports balances, reconciliation and reporting
    • Files: Send bank statements or payment files in different file formats to reconcile and track money movements

You may want to take a look at our Data Sources page.

Track money across different regions

With Payable you can structure your payment operations platform to fit your business structure. Each data source is connected to an entity so your payment operator manager and finance team can monitor activities both by region and globally.

You may want to take a look at our Organisation page.


We integrate the data sources that matter to your business, be that banks, payment providers or other internal sources of transaction records. We interpret and aggregate those records so that you can run reconciliation and reporting of your payments.

Use out-the-box reporting on transaction matching and account balances to reduce operational overhead in logging into multiple bank accounts and running spreadsheets to aggregate data reporting.

Where transactions can't be automatically matched, we give you suggested matches to guide you to the best option. Then our algorithms learn to recognise similar transactions, so you don't have to do the same match again.

Critically we account for different types of transactions, so you have confidence that you have actually received payment provider payouts, before they are reconciled.


We integrate with banks so that you no longer have to engage with clunky bank portals and horrid spreadsheets for sending payment initiation requests.

We maintain the connection, so you just have to use one API interface for making payments. This gives you greater choice and flexibility in your banking relationships.

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