Getting Started

Welcome to Payable 🙌, follow the quick guide so you can get started:

1. Set up a Payable Account

Book a call with us so we can help you map your payment flows and we will give you access to the Payable dashboard. We will create your organisation, and set up your entities so you can track money movement across different regions. Please store the entity_id as it must be passed in the request. Once your organisation has been created, you’ll get a key so you can start using the API.

We will create a shared Slack channel with dedicated support if you have questions or need help.

2. Connect your bank and payment sources

Using Payable allows you to connect directly to your bank or pull data from your payment provider. This usually takes the form of an SFTP server, EBICS server, or API.

3. Test & Launch

Payable offers a live-test mode so you don't have to do separate integrations between sandbox and production.