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Reconcile payments, build reports, and scale your payment operations.

Welcome 👋 to the Payable platform. We help fintechs, payment companies, and marketplaces scale their payment operations, by bringing together real time data to give businesses complete visibility of where their money is moving.

By bringing together cash management, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable into one tool, businesses can mitigate financial risk and automate reconciliation as they scale. We automate money movement in and out of your business by connecting bank data with your finance tools, for ease of maintaining your general ledger.

Automating payments operations enables you to unlock growth and scale and expand your product stack. Our API and dashboard allow all your users and teams to track, reconcile and automate payments in the most effective way for you and your customers.

Our payment operations platform allows you to;

  • Connect different bank accounts, ERP and payments data sources to automate reconciliation and bank transfers,
  • Track cash, payments and client funds in real-time, to have comprehensive visibility of your business position,
  • Build new financial products that help you scale revenue and give finance teams the controls they need to operate in a compliant and efficient manner.

With Payable you will spend less time on low-level financial data and more time focused on building products for your end customers.

With our experience working at the intersection of payments and banking, we can help you design and implement the best-suited fintech products and scale payment operations for the needs of both your product and finance teams.

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