Our mission

Accepting payments is easy, but it’s much harder to understand exactly where your money is. Today, companies are stuck with CSV or XML file-based processes or unreliable and maintenance-intensive SFTP or EBICS bank integrations which are built in-house.

Companies can't just build new products to increase revenue and leverage fintech features.
Bank transfers are complex, and understanding payments is not straightforward. You must deal with compliance, reporting, and financial engineering.

We help companies track, reconcile and move money, through a clean API that any developer can enjoy integrating with and a dashboard that empowers finance team.

Whether you are in B2B SaaS, revenue-based financing, lending, a marketplace, or looking at levelling up your fintech capability, we can help automate reconciliation and movement of the money in your business with full reporting and auditing capabilities.

We integrate with your banks, ERPs, and payments providers for you, so you don’t have to worry about the complexities and maintenance of different interfaces.

Spend less time on hiring people to manage Treasury, AR and AP by automating bank transfers, data aggregation and reconciliation.