Connecting accounts

Connect your bank, PSP and Electronic Money Institution (EMI) accounts by authorising us to pull your balance and transaction data, then you’ll see aggregated balance data and can start reconciling transactions against payment provider records. There’s no limit on how many accounts you add, you just need to have access to the account to make the connection.

Banks and EMIs that provide APIs allow you to access all the same data that you would get from logging into your account, however it can be pulled on demand. By connecting your accounts to the Payable platform you never need waste time logging into your bank portal to extract transaction history and balance data again.

Currently this consent granting process can only be done through the dashboard, as we need to record your consent in line with PSD2 regulation. We also connect to a number of wallets and EMIs, which we can pull account balances and transaction data from in a similar way, however there is a different authorisation process which we can help you set up.

When the consent gets close to expiring we’ll let you know that it’s time to renew access.
If you want to disconnect your bank account at any time, that can be done through the dashboard.

Adding a bank account

For bank accounts you can add sources through the dashboard too. Go to the 'Sources' page and select the 'Bank Accounts' tab. Go through the consent granting process with your bank. This will require you logging into your account and confirming you are happy to share your balance and transaction data. Once complete you will see confirmation that the connection has been established

Adding a PSP account

For PSP accounts (e.g. Stripe, GoCardless), follow the API reference to add an account.

Go to connect an account for instructions on creating a connection with your account.

Once you have a connection ID you must create an account with that identifier, which sets up the name you want to appear in your dashboard (label). Then transaction data is stored against it using the connection.

Adding files of data

In the unlikely event that we do not support a bank or payments provider that you use, you can add files of data from any bank. Just go to Sources and Add a file. If it's a new bank you can create it on the spot.

We deduplicate all this transaction data, so you don't need to worry if you accidentally add the same file twice.

Aggregating data

When an account is connected you will see transaction data in the dashboard. Now you can run reconciliation on top of that.

If you want to enquire about a bespoke integration, get in touch at [email protected] and we will work through the best option for you.