Learn about webhooks and how events are triggered for your organisation.

Payable uses webhooks to help you automate custom backend actions to scale your payment operations.

Why use webhooks

A webhook enables Payable to notify your app when an event is created or during event_status changes e.g. an expected payment has been reconciled, or a new payment order has been completed.

You may either poll the API or receive webhooks at a specific URL.

Steps to receive webhooks

  1. Identify the events you want to monitor and the event payloads to parse.
  2. Create a webhook endpoint as an HTTPS endpoint (URL) on your local server.
  3. Register your publicly accessible HTTPs URL with us. Please send it over on Slack Connect or email [email protected], you will be able to configure your webhook URL in your organisation setting page in the Payable Dashboard in Q1.

To see a complete list of the events that can be emitted using webhooks, please visit the webhooks and event list.