Once you've connected your bank account data and payment providers, we have several features in place to provide all the cash management insights you need.

Managing liquidity is critical to business operations, and with the Payable dashboard, you can accurately assess your financial position and how it compares to the past 30 days.

  • View your cash position by entity to determine when to transfer funds
  • Understand your cash position over time, by currency and bank account
  • Monitor your net position over time to control spending and manage burn rate
  • Ensure each account is adequately funded by setting up minimum balance alerts across your accounts
  • Apply custom groupings to accounts to observe how your funds are distributed across different bank account functions

These features grant your business visibility into your past, present, and future cash positions. This means you can maintain adequate liquidity to meet immediate and short-term obligations, mitigate the risk of financial distress and unusual cash activity, all while more accurately forecasting future cash flows.

Rather than letting excess cash sit idle, seize investment opportunities as they arise with Payable.