To have confidence that you are conducting comprehensive reconciliation, you need to first aggregate all your transaction data - be this a bank, payment provider, card scheme report or an internal database of expected loan repayments.

We will find and set up the most efficient and effective way for you to link your data, and automate the feed pulling transaction data into the platform. The aim is always to automate processes as much as possible for you.

Every company has a different payments stack, so before going live we will have an integration session with you to ensure we are rendering your transaction data into the platform in the most real-time method available.


Our out-the-box integrations enable you to self-serve set up the sources you want to reconcile. For example, bank transaction and balance feeds with Open Banking APIs have a simple self-service set-up, whereas other payment sources like wallet providers or corporate bank accounts can require our support.

Once you start storing data from a source, a corresponding account is set up in the Payable platform so you can read and write data to it.

Reading transaction data

We can interpret any record of payments data by mapping it to the Payable transaction schema. Then it will be aggregated within the platform.

We can integrate with any data source containing your transaction records - if you need us to support a provider that isn’t on this list, let us know at [email protected].