All our API endpoints are versioned, meaning a new version would be released whenever we do backwards-incompatible changes.

The API version can be controlled via the X-Api-Version header in the requests.

curl --location --request GET '<resource>/<id>' \
--header 'X-Api-Version: 1.0' \
--header 'X-Request-Id: ITSBMkBs3kaXaAn25ImSLw' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <a_valid_token>'
	X-Api-Version: 1.0
	X-Request-Id: ITSBMkBs3kaXaAn25ImSLw

We expect customer requests to contain a request header targeting a specific version. If the customer does not provide the X-Api-Version header, we will consider that they are interested in the last available API version.

The following cases are considered backwards-incompatible:

  • changing any existing resource properties, such as removing or renaming a property or changing the response type of a property
  • removing a resource or changing its access location
  • any resource intent or behaviour changes


Our API responses will also include the API Version header.