Reports provide powerful insights into your business. From reconciliation of payment provider settlement files against your bank accounts, to a report of your cash balance position across all of your bank accounts. Payable provides a set of predefined report templates to get you started, but you can also create your own.

Custom reports allow you to define exactly what data you are after, and eliminate the noise across numerous sources. This makes analytics much quicker and more focused to get the answers that you are after for your business.


All reports are based on a number of data sources. When generating a report you will be asked to select a set of data sources, so those transaction records can be reconciled. These sources can be anything from payment service provider settlement files, to provider accounts you have connected.

Reports will have constraints on which sources they will accept, and not every source will be usable with every report type. Please consult the report you are trying to create to see which sources it accepts for its output.


See all the providers we've integrated with already [here] (https://docs.payable.co/docs/provider-coverage)


To get started generating reports, make sure you have the sources required for it by calling the sources endpoint. Once you have the correct sources required to generate your report, you can request report creation by making a post to the reports endpoint. Calling the endpoint initiates a request to create a report based on the template you have selected along with the sources you provide. A report is not instant, as it can take a few seconds for it to complete depending on various factors including the size of your data set. A response to the post will be a link to the status of that report so you can check when it's complete.

Once the report is complete you see the results of that report by calling results or you can download it.