Payment Order Webhooks

Payment Order webhooks are triggered when the status of a payment changes. This includes the creation of a payment.
We will send you all the payment details so that you have maximum context for powering business processes.

approval_requiredThe payment needs to be approved before it is processed.
cancelledA user has cancelled the payment.
declinedThe payment was not approved by a user.
failedA payment order failed to be created as the bank had issues.
completedA payment order has been executed by the bank.
rejectedThe payment order has been rejected by the bank due to incorrect information

Example notification:

  "id": "pay_r28xivvv1sb9e1xt1uj0v8aiyc",
  "entity_id": "ent_bjec24xmzi4tr4g7m4lliotzz4",
  "status": "completed",
  "source_account_id": "acc_atfgyrg34hws7gidwwxqi2haie",
  "amount": {
    "value": "100",
    "currency": "GBP"
  "test_payment": "false",
  "reference": "reference123",
  "type": "string",
  "destination_account": {
    "account_holder_details": {
      "name": "Jon Doe",
      "address": "123 Main St, Anytown, United Kingdom, AB1 2CD",
      "email_address": "[email protected]"
    "bank_details": {
      "type": "business",
      "account_number": "12345678",
      "sort_code": "12-34-56",
      "bank_address": "1 High Street, Town, City, AB1 2CD"
  "created_at": "2023-08-25T00:00:00.000Z"