February 2023

It’s been a busy month, despite managing to get away for our first ever company retreat to Lisbon! 🌞🌞🌞

You can now use Payable to:

Get a real time view of your cash position and currencies held

Say goodbye to logging into multiple bank portals, by seeing your balances by account and by currency in the API and dashboard.

Send money through Danske Bank

Create domestic and international payments with Danske bank.

If you don’t want to share your bank certificates with us, we have APIs in place that allow you to sign and encrypt requests yourself, giving you confidence about the security of your secrets.

Faster reconciliation of illogical names

Sometimes your customers will send you money that has no logically matchable reference or name attached to the transaction, so we’ve enhanced our automatic reconciliation matching logic to learn the names of accounts that get matched manually by users.
From the dashboard, you can investigate the unpaid expected payment to find the corresponding transaction record, then once that connection of the name between the transaction data and the expected payment has been made, it will be saved against the account of that customer for automated matching next time.

Connect 200 new banks

Now you can pull balance data from additional banks across Europe and the Nordics.

Plus we’ve massively expanded our dashboard features;

  • Add your GoCardless accounts, for a speedier set up,
  • Create expected payments to watch for when you get paid,
  • Create accounts that represent pots of funds - this allows you to track all expected and incoming payments against a particular customer, supplier or business function.

Bug Fixes and Improvements 🐛

  • We’ve enhanced the usability with filtering and sorting functionality and allowing you to remove linked transactions from expected payments
  • You’ll notice when using the dashboard the error handling is much more actionable
  • Fixed a bug that was impacting expected payments match rates